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Weight Loss Surgery in Wisconsin

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Best Bariatric Surgeons in Wisconsin for Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Surgery

If the obesity rates continue without change, by 2030, the obesity rate in Wisconsin could reach 56.3 percent. Over the next 20 years, obesity could contribute to 708,716 new cases of type 2 diabetes, 1,579,761 new cases of coronary heart disease and stroke, 1,478,205 new cases of hypertension, 958,720 new cases of arthritis, and 223,559 new cases of obesity-related cancer in WISCONSIN ALONE!!!.

The path to Bariatric Surgery may seem confusing and hard, but National Bariatric Link has helped hundreds of patients find the right bariatric surgeon in Wisconsin for their needs and insurance requirements.

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There are about a dozen certified weight loss surgeons in Wisconsin, but not all of them specialize in absolutely every weight loss procedure. Finding your Perfect Weight Loss Surgeon in Wisconsin then falls into the hands of the patient, their needs and preferences.

Our trained weight loss counselors and coordinators can help guide you through your entire weight loss jouney, at absolutely no cost to you! We can provide information about procedures offered in your area and suitable for you, help you find the perfect weight loss surgeon or clinic in Wisconsin, assist with insurance or financing if needed, and so much more!

Gastric Bypass in Wisconsin

The cost of gastric bypass surgery in Wisconsin depends on several factors such as the facility chosen to perform the procedure and the geographical location in which the patient and the facility reside. Many surgical clinics offer competitive prices and if the patient has insurance, and he or she is medically eligible for the surgery (by the insurance), than most likely the procedure will not cost anything to the patient.

General surgeons, gastroenterologic surgeons, and bariatric surgeons perform weight-loss surgery. National Bariatric Link has already made sure that your surgeon Make sure that your surgeon has the necessary qualifications and experience. Because most weight-loss surgeries are performed laparoscopically, the surgeon should have documented training in laparoscopy and specifically in laparoscopic weight-loss surgery. 

Highly qualified surgeons should be members of a professional bariatric association, such as the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), and be board certified in general surgery. As well, our Bariatric Surgeical Center in WI is a Center of Excellence bariatric program.

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What is the Cost of Lap Band in Wisconsin

When talking with the surgeon about specific lap band costs, it is extremely important to question the costs of the procedure from beginning to end. The main costs to keep in mind and consider are any pre-operative tests, hospital charges, surgeon fees, and associated surgery fees. Additional costs can include nutritional counseling, follow-up care, psychological support and any follow-up medical appointments.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Wisconsin

With Gastric Sleeve Surgery you can expect to lose50 to 80 percent of excess body weight within 12 months after the surgery. Durging the surgery your bariatric surgeon will make several small incisions on your abdomen to insert the laparoscope — a tool with a light and a tiny camera that sends pictures to a nearby computer monitor. He will then remove about three-quarters of your stomach along the outside curvature. This will Create a new stomach in the shape of a thin tube or “sleeve.” The sleeve spans the original distance from the esophagus to the small intestine. With the Gastric Sleeve Surgery,tThe pyloric valve — the normal outlet that controls the release of food from the stomach to the small intestine — continues to function normally.

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